Dane Goodfellow:
Future of Education Visionary

Listen to Target Marketing Magazine's webinar, Dane Goodfellow is considered a visionary on the future of education.

Dane is one of the co-founders of the Digital Learning Alliance. DLA is a non-profit formed by leaders in the education technology marketplace to support technology companies. He has long been a national consultant on economic development.

Since 2013, key leaders from McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Follett and other companies have helped formulate the pre-launch planning and development of DLA.

Dane, along with DLA Board member Dick Bradford, were the leading architects of Utah’s successful economic model that started with Fortune Magazine’s 1990 choice of Utah as the #1 State for Business. His work is credited as the foundation for 23 consecutive years of top rankings in economic leadership. In addition, Dane has been credited with raising over $500 million in state funding for leveraging technological advances in education.

As a senior-level executive, Dane Goodfellow helped lead IBM’s expanded investment in education as both a corporate benefactor and a leading innovator of educational technologies. Representing IBM as an industry leader, Dane has worked nationally with governors and state education leaders on building formal strategies for enhanced quality education, skilled workforce development, and university technology transfer as the core foundations for economic competitiveness. His leadership roles on numerous state commissions and task forces have led to numerous awards for his planning and accomplishments.

Since leaving IBM, Dane has been a founder, C-level executive, or investor in several technology companies and is actively involved in multiple angel investor groups. Dane remains a national consultant on economic development and education reform.

Digital Learning Alliance has been asked by multiple state legislators to help them sponsor digital learning bills in their states. DLA is working with top legislative leaders in almost every state. DLA is continually seeking representation by technology companies to support 30 initiatives that include:

Proficiency Improvements

  1. Math Improvement
  2. Literacy Improvement
  3. Science
  4. Social Studies
  5. Common Core
  6. Special Needs
  7. Pre-Kindergarten
  8. ELL (English Language Learners)
  9. Drop-out Prevention and Recovery
  10. Parent Engagement
  11. Bullying, Violence, Safety
  12. Low-Performing
  13. Comprehensive
  14. Blending Learning Management Systems

Higher Education

  1. College Readiness
  2. Remedial Education
  3. Graduation Rates
  4. Cost of Higher Education
  5. Student Debt Burden
  6. Employment Opportunities

Workforce Development

  1. STEM Shortages
  2. Workforce Alignment and SLDS (State Longitudinal Data Systems)
  3. Economic Growth Modeling

Spanning Every Educational Level

  1. Assessment and Accountability
  2. Student Records and Teacher Effectiveness
  3. Student Information Systems
  4. Privacy and Security
  5. Student Mobility
  6. Broadband and Connectivity (BlastED Model)
  7. Online Learning 24/7/365

Before spearheading the creation of the Digital Learning Alliance, Dane Goodfellow had a private consulting company leveraging his previous experience and contacts to assist in business development for multiple high-tech companies focused on government and education markets. These projects were large enterprise implementations that entail city, state, or campus-wide scope. His successful projects included initiatives with industry leaders such as IBM Global Services, IBM Education Industry, HP, Stratum Broadband, Digital Bridge, TenX, Infinite Mind, Tudor Education, and other digital learning companies.

Major accomplishments include:

Dane Goodfellow’s education includes:

George Washington University, MBA in International Business
Georgetown University, BA in Economics
Holy Cross College

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